German Blue Ram Cichlid Care, Breeding, Comatibility & Profile

German Blue Ram Cichlid

It is one of the beautiful and peaceful Cichlid like Golden Ram (different strain) to have in a tropical aquarium. And they spend most of the time at the bottom of the aquarium, in search of food. Its wonderful to watch a pair fish which does a dancing movement facing each other. They are good parents. Some times when guarding their eggs, they will be little aggressive towards inmates.

This fish is not certainly for beginners, but with proper water parameters  and temperature it is easy to maintain this fish and also to breed.

German Blue Ram Cichlid, Ram Cichlid, Dwarf Cichlid, Butterfly Cichlid, Ramirezi
Scientific Name
Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi
4 – 7 cm
6.0. - 7.0.
Omnivores: All types of food. Live food preferable
Care Level
Easy, But water parameters to be maintained properly in a non planted tank. In planted tank you have less worries.
Males will have normally large font rays in their dorsal fin. But with the breads available now it is very difficult to identify with the dorsal rays. But females are easier to identify with their pinkish coloration in their belly/stomach
Egg Layers
Easy, A Pair of fish . They spawn in open area on the rocks or in the small pit/depression created by them. They lay around 100 to 300 adhesive eggs in a single clutch and both male and female play a role in tending and defending their eggs.

Videos Of Ramrezi's

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