Picture of Plecostomus

Plecostomus is one of the most commonly use Algae eater and Sometimes called as Tank cleaner. When properly fed they usually grow very faster than you imagine up to even 60 cm in size. Common plecos are not suitable for Planted aquarium because of their size.

Albino Plecostomus

albino pleco fish picture

Common Pleco

Plecostomus Picture

plecostomus resting under the drift wood

plecostomus cleaning the tank walls tank cleaner fish


  1. Anonymous12:16

    I own two pleco myself but one (arrowhead is his name) has white spot.

    1. white spot disease, check this link and do not worry it is easy to treat any medicine from reputed brand will work fine, check in aquarium store. do not over dose , do frequent water change after medication.

    2. http://aquarium.stinglifestyle.com/2011/04/most-common-disease-in-aquarium.html