Bucktooth tetra | Exodon paradoxus fish care and Picture

Bucktooth tetra
Bucktooth tetra is a large tetra fish with a two distinctive black spot one under the dorsal fin and one near its tail. Bucktooth tetra is a aggressive fish and occasionally they tend to eat scales of large fish make them a bad option for community tank. So to reduce its aggression keep them in large aquarium with heavy plants with small group of 6 to 10 in group. Like other tetra fish Bucktooth tetra fish prefer slightly acidic water for optimum health conditions.

Bucktooth tetra
Scientific Name
Exodon paradoxus
10 cm
6.0 – 7.5
18 – 28 C
Omnivorous: Live food , high quality flakes and frozen food.
Natural Food: small invertebrates,small fish and plants
Aggressive schooling fish.
Care Level
Intermediate. Schooling Fish should be kept in 3 – 10 in numbers. And should be kept in large tanks or with other active tetra fish with lot of hiding place.
Males are slim. Mature healthy females have round belly.
Egg Layers
Easy, with school of fish with more females . They spawn on the substrate or on spawning mob . They scatter eggs in the bottom and if not separated they will eat their own eggs. Eggs will hatch within 24 – 30 hours.

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