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Garnet tetra , Pretty Tetra

Garnet fin tetra is a attractive small transparent tetra fish with a black wedge near its tail. Garnet tetra is a peaceful schooling fish for planted and community aquariums. They should be kept in groups of more than 6 per group. Garnet tetra fish prefer soft, slightly acidic water for optimum health conditions. If the water quality is maintained and treated with live food, they will spawn easily and live longer. It is hardy species but try to keep them in a heavily planted aquarium or aquarium with dim lighted conditions. They are also called as Pretty tetra or black wedge tetra.

Garnet tetra , Pretty Tetra, Black wedge tetra
Scientific Name
Hemigrammus pulcher
4.5 – 6.5 cm
6.0 – 7.5
18 – 28 C
Omnivorous: Live food , high quality flakes and frozen food.
Natural Food: small invertebrates and plants
Peaceful schooling fish, for all tropical planted community tank.
Care Level
Easy, for Beginners. Schooling Fish should be kept in 3 – 10 in numbers.
Males has swim bladder with pointed edge, where as females has rounded edge. And females tend to be larger and heavier/ bulkier in nature
Egg Layers
Easy, with a pair separated to a breeding tank. They spawn on the substrate or on spawning mob . They scatter eggs in the bottom and if not separated they will eat their own eggs. Eggs will hatch within 24 – 28 hours.

Video of Garnet Tetra or Pretty Tetra

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